100 Spires Medias’ approach

Stories are the way we discover our world and the things we need from it. Stories give us something to rally around. They push us out of our comfort zone and force us to consider new ways of doing things.
We don’t want audiences to sit back and watch. We want them to lean forward and participate. We want our work to be additive to their lives.

Why 100 Spires Media?

Because we are unreasonably ambitious. We want to make the best work and be the best place to work.
We believe that great ideas are a decisive advantage. A great idea can persuade the blind to suddenly see. The deaf to finally hear.
We also believe ideas are only great when they are conceived and produced fast enough to give clients a competitive advantage.
We welcome the impossible idea. When it comes to our clients’ ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can accomplish anything.